Saturday, 12 September 2009

Spanking over Skirts

  • Do you ever get slightly tired of those super-professional, slick, perfect in every detail spanking sites?
  • Do you think that a spanking is more about the humiliation of an ignominiously smacked bottom than the amount of pain that can be inflicted?
  • Do the words "You need a smacked bottom" thrill you?
  •  Do you love the sound of a crisp slap across the seat of the skirt of a misbehaving female?

If not, you'll absolutely hate this site!

Graham went to school in England in the seventies, when spanking was common in the home and caning was carried out at school.
So did I, which may be why I enjoyed the atmosphere of the spankings.

Graham is trying to recreate the eroticism of those innocent pre-internet, pre satellite tv times when just the memory of the humiliation of a well aimed slap, or cane stroke on a girls fully clothed bottom was enough to make an adolescent male's life worthwhile, imagining what might have been.

These days we expect at the very least sound bare bottom spankings. You won't see that on this site, but if you are prepared to get into the rhythm of life in the 70s, you  may well enjoy these spankings as I did.

This is very much an amateur site, by which I mean the presentation, not the models.
Most of the girls are well known on other sites, for example Pandora , Emma Brown, Jody, but there is a sense of english naughtiness and freshness in their performances on this site which isn't always evident on other sites.


Saturday, 25 July 2009

Real Life Spankings

Based in Holland, this site includes some very pretty girls.

The spankings are not brutal, but are firm and fair. Mike is a kind but strict father figure who does not shirk from his duty as the girls squirm their way to nicely reddened bottoms over his knee, or bent over for a variety of implements.